Gauge swatches: Avoid-Employ-Enjoy

I resent knit and crochet gauge swatches, and I avoid most projects that require them. I compare it to cutting out the fabric for a sewing pattern: the worst part that you just have to do first. Fortunately, clever crafters have come up with some great ways to deal with those stacks of colourful swatches. Advertisements

Scissor fobs: heartthrobs that do their job

I’ve always loved the look of stork embroidery scissors. I always thought the design was genius, with the blades of the beak transitioning so smoothly to the rest of the body. So when I heard of scissor fobs, I was completely blown away. I had never thought of making lovely stork scissors even more beautiful.

Bomb your body

Bath bombs may be everywhere, but they’re not the only bombs out there. If you don’t feel like a full-body soak, consider a manicure or pedicure bomb. They’re a little more specialized and will target a specific area.

No hassle tassels can dazzle

When I think tassels, I think Disney: I think about the enchanted footrest dog from Beauty and the Beast running around, or the expressive body language of the Magic Carpet from Aladdin. The only real-life tassels I can recall are the faded, floppy ones that adorned the corners of my family’s old pillows. Those tassels were […]

Burn your fabric stash

I am a crafter, and I have a hoarding problem. I have heavy piles of fabric that just stare at me angrily from inside their plastic tubs. At least I now know how to get rid of my stash: burn it.

Plush patterns: Dream-Doodle-Draft

I wish I could look at any plush and immediately know what its sewing pattern looks like. Unfortunately, my brain isn’t that talented. There are several online patterns that can be adapted for most projects easily enough, but what about those times it’s impossible to avoid drafting a new sewing pattern?