Scissor fobs: heartthrobs that do their job

I’ve always loved the look of stork embroidery scissors. I always thought the design was genius, with the blades of the beak transitioning so smoothly to the rest of the body. So when I heard of scissor fobs, I was completely blown away. I had never thought of making lovely stork scissors even more beautiful.

The Blue Daisy on Flickr has posted many wonderful wool scissor fobs. Flickr has a handful of scissor fob groups and galleries, for example here and here. The photographs don’t always link to a tutorial, but they are great for design inspiration.

Embroidered Felt Scissor Fob - Little Pink Bird


Focus on Finishing has a tutorial here for beaded scissor fobs. I’ll definitely keep this project in mind on my next trip to the bead store!



For a scissor fob that’s insanely bright and colourful, you can check out the fiesta scissor fob tutorial on Craftsy. You won’t have to worry about losing track of your scissors again.



Focus on Finishing has a tutorial on finishing off a scissor fob with whip-stitch edging. Just take your finished square cross-stitch pattern and follow along.



On her site, Lynette Anderson shares her tutorial for a scissor fob that is also a scissors holder. Decorate, keep track of, and safely store your scissors all at once.



I really wish I had heard about scissor fobs sooner, because they’re not only decorative, but also practical! Sadly, my own stork scissors are MIA. But I’ll start making some scissor fobs in the meantime, and wait patiently for the day my stork scissors and I are reunited.


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