No hassle tassels can dazzle

When I think tassels, I think Disney: I think about the enchanted footrest dog from Beauty and the Beast running around, or the expressive body language of the Magic Carpet from Aladdin.


The only real-life tassels I can recall are the faded, floppy ones that adorned the corners of my family’s old pillows. Those tassels were definitely classic, but there’s so much more to tassels than adorning grayish-orange pillows.

U Create shows that tassels aren’t only for rugs and pillows. In fact, tassels fit quite nicely on beaded bracelets. Pick your beads, make a tassel to match (or not) and you’re set!



Wool and the Gang shows how tassels can be made of different materials. The pattern, which uses WAG’s Jersey Be Good yarn, creates a unique, chunkier tassel.



Brooke from Brooklyn Berry Designs shares her tutorial on a ribbon tassel keychain. The various textures and colours really make this tassel stand out.



And it’s official: tassels definitely look good in ribbon. Dani at Life Over Easy shares her tutorial for a DIY ribbon tassel garland.



I had assumed, for whatever reason, that tassels and pom-poms couldn’t live together in harmony. Oriental Trading proves me wrong with their DIY pom-pom tassel garland.



I have definitely been overlooking the potential of tassels. But it’s not too late for me to change.



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