Gauge swatches: Avoid-Employ-Enjoy

I resent knit and crochet gauge swatches, and I avoid most projects that require them. I compare it to cutting out the fabric for a sewing pattern: the worst part that you just have to do first. Fortunately, clever crafters have come up with some great ways to deal with those stacks of colourful swatches.

The Sweatshop of Love shows off some mounted knit swatch wall art. The wooden hoops really add to the crafty feel.



The folks at Espace tricot show how a few pins and some IKEA frames turn simple swatches into more great wall art. It’s reminiscent of insect displays, but more crafty than creepy.



Laylock has this tutorial for a framed knit swatch that can be used as a jewellery hanger or key holder or decorative piece. The pattern for the lacy swatch used in the project is also provided.

earring holder7.JPG


Tin Can Knits has a free pattern/tutorial for a swatchtastic bunting. Those are some great-looking yarns!



These projects make swatches look good. I would never have thought that I’d be itching to make some swatches!


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