Bomb your body

Bath bombs may be everywhere, but they’re not the only bombs out there. If you don’t feel like a full-body soak, consider a manicure or pedicure bomb. They’re a little more specialized and will target a specific area.

Neutralize rough hands and cuticles with the Savvy Naturalista. She shares her recipe for simple manicure bombs here, along with a video tutorial here.


Show your feet no mercy and pamper them in an inescapable foot soak. Jill from Envirocraftiness offers her recipe for pedicure bombs here.



The Mercurial Magpie strikes with a tutorial for ocean- and seashell-themed mani/pedi combination bombs. Harmless looking, yet incredibly effective.



All the recipes above can be used to make great mani and pedi bombs. You can also give some away; just make sure to keep a few for yourself! After all, what’s more relaxing than bombing your body?



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