Burn your fabric stash

I am a crafter, and I have a hoarding problem. I have heavy piles of fabric that just stare at me angrily from inside their plastic tubs. At least I now know how to get rid of my stash: burn it.

Burn through it, I mean. My mistake.

I now have reason (a.k.a. tutorials) to believe that even if my fabric isn’t organized, the rest of my life can be. Check it out:

Chick chick sewing has this tutorial on sewing fabric trays. I have to say, my fabric isn’t half as nice as hers!

Picture 1282.jpg

Source: http://chickchicksewing.blogspot.ca/2010/08/fabric-tray-tutorial.html
(This photo has some glasses thrown in the tray. How did she know that I always lose my glasses?)

Heather Bailey has her own take on fabric trays here. Look at its cute bows!


Source: http://heatherbailey.typepad.com/heather_bailey/2011/01/tray_tutorial.html

Film in the Fridge has a tutorial for round-bottomed fabric storage buckets. In this photograph the buckets are showing off their skill in organizing trucks and blocks and other toys:


Source: http://filminthefridge.com/2012/11/23/round-bottomed-fabric-storage-buckets-a-tutorial/

Feeling Stitchy has this tutorial for a thread catcher. Keep your workspace clean while you sew more fabric trays and buckets!


Source: http://www.feelingstitchy.com/2014/06/tutorial-tuesday_17.html

Stash burning doesn’t happen in a day, though. Sometimes Crafter has some tips on folding and storing that fabric you didn’t get to yet.


Unfortunately, I misplaced the pedal to my sewing machine last year, so my own stash burning might be delayed. I’m thinking some yarn burning in the meantime. A future post, perhaps?



One thought on “Burn your fabric stash

  1. Lol, misplacing the sewing machine pedal would hinder sewing projects. I look at my fabric stash and see beloved clothes that haven’t been made yet. And judging by the sewing vs. buying ratio, they won’t be made in a while!


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