Pom-poms are the bomb-bomb

Lately I’ve been seeing huge pom-poms dangling from purses, backpacks and sets of keys. My pom-pom experience is limited to a few boring, tiny pom-poms I made for some toques. My loss though – it turns out there are a bunch of fun pom-pom designs out there.

For example: even if you don’t play Neko Atsume, you have to admit that these cat pom-poms are pretty cute.

Mr Printables shows off how to make not one but five different animal pom-poms in this tutorial.


Source: https://blog.mrprintables.com/how-to-make-animal-pom-poms/

And pom-poms don’t have to be made with yarn. Cotton + Curls has a tutorial on faux fur pom-poms to really take your DIY up a notch.


Source: http://www.cottonandcurls.com/2012/01/faux-fur-week-day-2-fur-pom-poms-tutorial/

But if you’re itching for something completely different: make an eyeball pom-pom. Hang it off your backpack so no one steals your stuff (or goes near you).

I’ll admit that I’m happy to be free of plain old pom-poms. And even if I can’t find old pom-pom maker, I’ll take comfort in knowing that I can use some toilet paper rolls instead.



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